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“Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.”

Pema Chödrön


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A holistic approach to mental health, substance abuse and eating disorders involves a multifaceted and trauma-informed lens through which to heal the relationship between mind and body.



Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective known techniques for facilitating deep and sustainable change by accessing the subconscious mind.  It is a powerful therapy alone, and can enhance the efficacy of other treatments.



Craniosacral is a very gentle modality of bodywork that focuses on the nervous system.  It is an effective treatment for a myriad of health issues including brain injuries, headaches and digestive disorders, as well as an adjunct treatment during intensive trauma work.


Dr. DuBois stumbled into a career in massage therapy by way of athletic injuries as an adolescent. She graduated from the Brian Utting School of Massage in 2006. She went on to become certified in craniosacral therapy in 2008. One of her most influential mentors during her bodywork training was a naturopathic physician.

Her pre-medicine studies coincided with undergraduate work in cultural anthropology at Columbia University, where she explored the interplay between power dynamics and sociohistorical forces on the stage of medicine. In practice, this affords her the perspective to consider both the intricacies of her patients’ cases and the systems they are situated within.  

Dr. DuBois graduated from Bastyr University in 2018.  She spent her first year of practice as a primary care physician in a partial hospital psychiatric treatment center. Her areas of focus were substance abuse and eating disorders that co-occur with a variety of psychiatric conditions (otherwise known as dual diagnosis).  This was followed by a fellowship at Advanced Medical Therapies under the mentorship of Dr. Paul Anderson. There, she specialized in the treatment of complex chronic illness and integrative cancer care.

Dr. DuBois spent her COVID quarantine year in a residency at Full Circle Natural Medicine, where she provided a naturopathic approach to primary care, complex chronic disease, and mental health.

Dr. DuBois is known for her strong thrift shopping game, a voracious appetite for comedy, her desire to apply Marie Kondo principles to all things everywhere, and dropping in as an occasional karaoke showstopper. She relishes her role as domestic goddess to one ruggedly handsome lumberjack husband, one extremely cool teenage man-child, one giant cat named Posh Spice, and one insanely cute baby pitbull named Charlie.

Ask her about … anything.


Dr. Jayne is simply amazing.  She is caring, compassionate and everything I look for in a provider.  Her craniosacral work was top notch - she is by far the best craniosacral therapist that I've ever seen.  I had a sticky psoas that I could feel was hindering my movement and after 2 sessions with Dr. Jayne, it released and I felt like a different person. 

If you want a truly holistic approach to your health, Dr. Jayne is your lady! 


Dr. DuBois’ positivity is contagious.  She has a never-ending supply of compassion, empathy, and patience.  I was treated by her in a clinic setting with multiple patients being treated at once, and she took time out of her busy schedule to sit with me and listen to me.  It made me feel like I had something important to say that someone actually cared about.  She treated me like a person, not just a patient.  

Even though she was not my primary care physician, Dr. DuBois went out of her way to help me get help for several issues I was really struggling with.  I am forever grateful for her care. 


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